We specialize in small business resource management. Projects, Tailor made to your type of business with your own style. Custom made procedures that fit your business and assist with it’s Management and productivity, Call (800) 563-7116 Email onsultant@chrischambers.ca We are located in Kelowna British Columbia, Chris C. Chambers, IT Consultant & Software Developer, The types of businesses we have managed over the years: Automotive Service Sales, which includes services like Muffler and Brakes, Oil and Lube, Parts Sales and Wholesale, Auto and Truck sales and full automotive mechanical services, Recreational Vehicles, which includes Sales, Service and Rentals. Boat Sales, Motorbike Sales, Trailers, Motorhomes and much more, Heavy Equipment, Sales, Service, Rentals and Asset Management, Tire Stores Sales and service, Electronic Retail Stores, Rentals Sales and Service, Medical Equipment, Rentals, Sales and Service, Truck Wash Sales with Equipment controllers, Machine Shops Sales, Service, Work orders and schedules custom built, Light Manufacturing Custom built around your requirements, IT management support and assistance in managing outsourced projects, A configurable property management system for self-managed strata companies, Electronic file systems coupled to configurable CRM type applications


Inca Business Systems Inc.

184 3360 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna BC V4T 1X9 Canada

Toll Free (800) 563-7116 or (866) 548-6358

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